Thank you, to everyone who has called me the night before Mother's Day or on the eve of a loved one's birthday and asked me to send photos of my new work!  Thank you for being patient with me and meeting me all over the place to collect your hand-made J.C. Milner Metalworks art jewelry.  

This method of purchase, exhilarating as it is... is now easier, AND everyone can purchase items hot off the press from anywhere in the world!

 I can upload new work right from my bench to this new site & you can trust that your information is safe with me!  I hope you like this new online store.  I will update often and if you find yourself gift-less the day before Valentine's Day,  please know that I haven't dismissed the old method of coming through for my people at 10PM in the grocery store parking lot!  I still love the adventure of it all and I love seeing the expression on the face of a person who loves my work!  It's really the best.

When you purchase here, feel free to email me with comments (and selfies) when you get your items!  I will look forward to this new change and I hope you will visit often!