Make a Wish (That's code for Make a Rockin' Box out of metal)

High School for me (and most other people, I realize) was a tough time.  I was a minority (yes, I'm white), I was naive, my school was undergoing historic strife including teacher strikes, gunman on campus (that was my locker partner), drug busts, gang violence, and if that wasn't enough, East Colfax where my school was situated was routinely closed in an effort to prove that prostitution wasn't the highest paying job available to women.

So, one of the highlights of those four years was my Mom's hairdresser.  He moonlighted as a special effects make-up artist.  One day he called me to do the weirdest thing I've ever done.  I was to join him for a polo match where we were the official "face painters" for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.  I made a wish that day (as wishes were on my mind as we raised thousands of dollars for kids who needed more than one wish).  It was very selfish.  I was a teenager!  I wanted life to take me away from poverty, violence, and frustration and deliver me into more opportunities like this one.  I felt like the luckiest kid alive that day.  I was trusted.  I was talented.  Prince Charles was there.  Money was flowing like a chocolate fountain at a champagne brunch!  Possibility was present.

My wish came true.  I find myself in the strangest most exhilarating scenarios often, but there's still this pull to give others the perspective that Shamus (the hairdresser) gave me that day.  To let others see that you can be trusted, talented, and entertained by your job & you can be rewarded.  This is why I teach.  Lapidary Journal gave me an opportunity to teach what I do best (make silver boxes) and let me explore wish-making at the same time.  It's a very simple beginner project... but it came from the heart.  The top of the box is open, so you can write your wish on a piece of paper and tuck it in.  What would you wish for?

Click on the picture above to follow the link to the video downloads.  There are six other J.C. Milner projects and hundreds of other videos to download.  If you aren't interested in making it yourself, I would be more than happy to make it for you!  A new perspective is priceless and wishes DO come true!