February Drawing-a-Day

Drawing-a-Day was something I started five years ago in February 2011.  A friend had just completed a Drawing-a-Day challenge for an entire year!  So let's be real, I am not that committed.  While I do draw every day, not all of the drawings I do are February worthy.  I have to work a little harder when I'm out there with my bad self.  Impressing myself is a simple task... impressing you all is quite another.  You are busy people with distracting lives and if I'm going to command any attention then I have to up my game. 

Drawing-a-Day - the REAL challenge:

1.  How can I come up with something new for 28 days?  I make a list before I even start... a list of words.  Nearly 50 words.  Things like tape, ruler, pencil, go-cart, camera, trees, breakfast, shiny, airstream, dog, smile, etc.  Then I edit those words with some classic brain games like "take a word from the list and find another word that starts with the last letter of the first word"... next thing you know I have "dog and go-cart."  Then I have to draw a dog on a go-cart or a dog chasing a go-cart or a dog with wheels in place of paws.  The drawing is the easy part.  The idea is the challenge.  Some days I ignore the list and just react to life.

2.  Why do I do it?  There's a great song by Bo Burnham and one of the lyrics is "My drug's attention, I am an addict, but I get paid to indulge in my habit."  It isn't pretty, but it's probably true.  I risk being shunned by my peers, having my ideas stolen, and being blocked by friends because they are seeing too much of me.  But, then, sometimes somebody will take the time to write"I really enjoy all your drawings. I wish I had that talent, there is such a free spirit that is evident in all of them... So much fun!!"  This is when I know that I'm making the internet a more pleasant place to check in.  Also periodically the phone rings and I get to step out of my role as metalsmith and put on the paint pants and work on a mural, where they pay me, feed me and invite me back for parties to unveil the projects.  I live for those moments AND the moments in my jammies with my coffee when a friend clicks the little red heart to say they LOVE it!  I am an addict.

3.  How do I know the drawing is "good enough" - some days I just click "upload" and let you decide.  Some days I redraw the thing 8 times.  It really depends on whether I have time to indulge that day or not.

4.  Am I neglecting other things while I'm drawing?  No, not really.  Drawing is meditation for me.  I need it.  I went to an art therapist when I was 8 years old after a tragic event and I found a way to communicate.  I've been communicating this way for 35 years!  New studies show that coloring is as relaxing as meditation and I think I've known this since I was a little kid.

5.  Are the drawings for sale?  Everything is for sale always.  That said, sales are not really my goal with these.  I really just hope to arrive at a great idea or improve your facebook newsfeed for five minutes during an election year, for example.  Maybe someday there will be a book of drawings available?

6.  Will I do it again next year?  Of course.  See you in February online!