New in 2016 - Wall Sculptures

My sketchpad is full of the plans for these wall sculptures!  The first drawing was done over a decade ago!  Making them was so easy because it felt like I'd done it a million times before.  I have always wanted to take the stuff nobody wants and make it beautiful again.  It feels great to take a 5x5 foot piece of old chalkboard from a school and know it will never reach the land fill. 

These old chalk boards are thick and weathered and have a history of their own.  The used chalkboard primer is perfect for my applications of acrylic paint.  The sanding between layers of paint reveals the charcoal under layer giving it such a rich texture and the illusion that the tiny house has been around for a century or more.  I like to imagine the conversations and lessons carried out over the years in chalk.  Words written temporarily.  Children on their path to literacy. 

The house is a common theme running through my work for the past 18 years.  I think of "house" in so many ways... a vessel, a shelter, a person, a place in time, an anchor, a metaphor, a secret, a bold facade, and on and on.  Houses stacked together are like the people that choose them.  Colorful, wonderful, creative, educated, hilarious, charming, irritable, chubby, lean, protective, illusive, and always entertaining. 

Color is my motivation, building is my therapy, and whimsy is my way of life.

Fourteen wall sculptures will travel to Chemers Gallery in Orange County June 2016!