InSight OnSight at The Arvada Center

June 2018!  I woke up this morning and put my coffee in a to-go mug like I always do.  I hopped in the car with Greg (weird, we've never commuted together before, he takes a carpool to Boulder at 5am - YIKES).  We stop at the studio to pick up some white paint and I immediately drop the paint on the asphalt in front of the Art Tools Mural I painted last October.  I didn't spill paint there while I worked with High School kids all week, but alas, I did today.  I almost always spill paint.  At Google, I spilled green right into my handmade in Boulder Maruca Bag (just coated my sunglasses, wallet, spare change, all those business receipts).

This week I'm painting a 9'x16' mural at The Arvada Center.  I'm painting about prescription pain medication addiction and overdose while hundreds of small children are coming and going to their summer camps.  Questions from the little kids "why does she have so many vitamins?" and "My Mom is a school teacher!" (is that a question?) and "WOW!  THAT WAS WHITE WHEN I GOT HERE THIS MORNING!"  I love them, they are hilarious.  One boy said "I see bubbles, but that girl is drowning."  I feel my concept has been received.  

COME SEE ARTISTS WORKING - May 29-June 24 Monday thru Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 1pm-5pm or come see a show! 

(call the Center at 720-898-7200) or visit

Opening Reception (and paint on my coloring book wall) - June 28 6:00-9:00PM