Art Tools - A Community Funded Mural Project

This mural is scheduled to be painted on the back of Artworks in Loveland, Colorado starting the week of October 14th, 2017!  We will paint DURING the Loveland Art Studio Tour!

We have a lot of work to do to fund this project in one month and we need your help to share it with everyone you know. 

Here are the reasons Loveland is supporting this project and MATCHING all funds donated!

1.  A mural will cover some tagging in the alley which makes the space seem unsafe and unwelcoming - a mural can liven up the space to make it inviting

2.  The community can enjoy the alley to it's fullest potential during festivals and other events where outdoor space is a premium.

3.  The alley is a nice place to have a phone conversation buffered by the street noises & lots of area business staff use this alley for this exact purpose.

4.  Loveland Integrated School of the Arts students get to paint with the artist for free & when students get to work with professionals, they get so much more than creative time, they get business advice, information on proper materials handling & disposal, the art of asking for outdoor public art permission, and they get photos to add to their portfolios for school credit & college preparation.

This is a big step for Loveland, a town known for it's art!  The stores are full and there are very few "for rent" signs which means the downtown area is thriving.  We are ready to take the next step to being not just "a place to be" but being "the place to be!"  Let's do this together.

Please share this link with everyone you know - if every person in Loveland helped fund this project it would only require thirty cents from each person!

Give what you can and share, share share!  THANK YOU